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The FULLSIX¨s R&D team is constantly monitoring and improving the technological procedures used for the production of high-tech carbon-fiber composite products. Our R&D is orientated towards functionalization of high-quality carbon-fiber composite parts and launching of novel products exhibiting state-of-the-art properties. Current major R&D projects are focused in the following strategic areas:


- The development of Autoclave Composite Monocoque (ACM) technology.

Our ACM technology represents a breakthrough in technology and production - a special innovative technological process developed by FULLSIX for manufacturing every hollow piece without joints and adhesives. 


- Utilizing nanotechnology to produce superior parts. 

Through the use of nanotechnology, FULLSIX is able to produce carbon fiber parts that have enhanced properties that offer superior value compared to competing products (e.g. scratch resistant clear coating). 


- Development of photovoltaic carbon-fiber composite components for lightweight solar-powered electric motorcycles. 

The major advantages of electric motorcycles in contrast to vehicles with conventional combustion engines are extremely low noise pollution and zero-carbon emissions. Electric motorcycles have linear torque curves which are a major advantage in relation to conventional engines. Acceleration is vibration free, resulting in better track traction and lean orientation. When a motorcycle is designed as a self-sustaining energy system (e.g. solar-powered), the weight of these electrically driven vehicles need to be minimized. Here, carbon-fiber composite components are preferred due to their high strength-to-weight ratio. Our goal is to develop a platform composed of flexible photovoltaic cells integrated with carbon-fiber composite modules with high-aesthetic standards which are able to convert light into electricity. This technology can be adapted to become applicable in various low-weight mobile applications where light-electricity conversion is utilized.